Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm Jasmine. Originally from Singapore, I now reside in Boston working on all things marketing. Analytical and curious by nature, I want to solve for a more inclusive world. I believe that we invariably see the world in terms of our own experiences but through collaboration, we just might be able to step out of this.



INBOUND Event Co-op at HubSpot

5.17 - 5.18  | Boston, MA

( 01 )


   โ˜‡    Co-managed breakout content to define strategy, identify

   โ˜‡    areas of improvement, and $500k+ budget management


   โ˜‡    Promotional marketing including email, social media,

   โ˜‡    outreach, and webpage management


   โ˜‡    Increased speaker applications by 63% through organic and

   โ˜‡    paid campaigns


   โ˜‡    Complete restructure of content tracks through user

   โ˜‡    feedback and testing


   โ˜‡    Event logistics including on-site management of 250+

   โ˜‡    sessions, redesign of speaker application and review process,

   โ˜‡    and experience design

Conference Director at Scout Studio

1.18 - 5.18  Boston, MA

   โ˜‡    Led the execution of the overall vision and strategy of

   โ˜‡    the first student-led design conference, producing $74k in

   โ˜‡    revenue


   โ˜‡    Accountable for event campaign, speaker sourcing,

   โ˜‡    experience design, ticket sales, staffing, and post-event

   โ˜‡    evaluation 


   โ˜‡    Worked to create strategic partnerships with leaders of the

   โ˜‡    design community 


   โ˜‡    Spearheaded the management of tasks for team by

   โ˜‡    establishing processes and frameworks 


   โ˜‡    Cross-collaborated with various departments to coordinate

   โ˜‡    execution and manage expectations with incredibly

   โ˜‡    demanding deadlines

Social Media Manager at S3IDF

2.17 - 7.17  | Cambridge, MA

   โ˜‡    Defined the social strategy to develop a strong online

   โ˜‡    brand presence and managed all accounts


   โ˜‡    Content curation to promote S3IDF’s mission, relevant

   โ˜‡    projects, and foster community engagement


   โ˜‡    Tracking of posts to evaluate effectiveness based on KPIs

   โ˜‡    using Google Analytics and other tools


   โ˜‡    Consistently collaborated with internal partners to refine

   โ˜‡    and guide social media strategy

Global Marketing & Social Media Co-op at MFS

7.16 - 12.16  | Boston, MA

   โ˜‡    Facilitated the creation of social media posts to promote

   โ˜‡    thought leadership


   โ˜‡    Conducted periodic reports to evaluate post performance       


   โ˜‡    Developed and proposed social media campaigns to

   โ˜‡    support larger marketing initiatives  


   โ˜‡    Spearheaded a company-wide training program for a sales

   โ˜‡    publishing platform


   โ˜‡    Conducted one-on-one trainings with global sales

   โ˜‡    representatives to help build their online presence

International Account Management Co-op at Natixis

7.15 - 12.15  | Boston, MA

   โ˜‡    Acted as the production manager for events and initiatives

   โ˜‡    across four continents 


   โ˜‡    Collaborated with internal and external stakeholders across

   โ˜‡    multiple regions, and served as the central contact point for

   โ˜‡    all assigned projects


   โ˜‡    Conducted cross-cultural training for the SVP of Marketing’s

   โ˜‡    team on Singapore 


   โ˜‡    Created and analyzed metrics to measure effectiveness of

   โ˜‡    marketing campaigns


( 02 )


Northeastern University

9.13 - 5.18  | Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 

concentration in Marketing & Sustainable Business Practices

Lorenzo De Medici

2.15 - 5.16  | Florence, IT

Marketing in an Italian context and study of China’s economic development

EARTH Universidad 

5.15  | Guacimo, CR

One-month field research course studying the relationship between business and sustainability in a Latin American context


( 03 )



   โ˜‡    Native English

   โ˜‡    Advanced Mandarin

   โ˜‡    Conversational Indonesian

Software & Tools

   โ˜‡    Google Analytics

   โ˜‡    HubSpot

   โ˜‡    Hootsuite

   โ˜‡    SurveyMonkey

   โ˜‡    Slack

   โ˜‡    Qualtrics

   โ˜‡    Microsoft Office

   โ˜‡    Trello

   โ˜‡    MailChimp

   โ˜‡    Lanyon

   โ˜‡    Confluence

   โ˜‡    Intercom

   โ˜‡    InDesign

   โ˜‡    Illustrator

Knowledge of 

   โ˜‡    Social Media

   โ˜‡    SEO

   โ˜‡    PPC


   โ˜‡    User Testing

   โ˜‡    Agile

   โ˜‡    Scrum


© 2018   Jasmine Griffin

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